Why you shouldn’t travel with me

The view from our house in L’Escala

I might have to accept the fact that for the rest of our lives, my husband and I cannot go on trips together. Unpleasant things start to happen when we go on trips, and typically I am the cause of these things.

  • The first time we went on a vacation together I nearly killed us both of heat stroke on a 16 mile hike in Northern Michigan. For some embarrassingly silly reason, I thought that 7 miles would only take around 2 1/2 hours to hike. My logic was that if I can run 6 miles an hour, walking should be no problem. I did not think about the uneven terrain or the fact that we had to trek all the way back to our car. I got so dehydrated on this hike that my hands became swollen to release all the extra heat in my body. I didn’t know that could even happen to your body until that day.
  • The second trip we took together, we headed to Brugge. We missed the initial train to Brugge because of me probably taking too long to get ready and when we got there it rained on us all day.
  • The third trip we took together was our mini-honeymoon to Chicago. I fell sick and laid on the couch for 2 of the 5 days, while Mr. Isinvar made me soup and went on ice cream runs to help make me feel better

My nieces on our sunset stroll through the city

Now I know I can’t help things like rain, but one has to admit that the others were semi-preventable on my part.  And it seems that my travel luck has gotten worse. The latest tip my husband and I have taken together was with his family to L’Escala, Spain. L’Escala is a small town on the Costa Brava  in the northern part of Spain. Based on the available menu language choices, I am led to believe it’s a popular vacation spot with people from Germany, The Netherlands, and Belgium. I am guessing part of the reason for this has to do with the town’s proximity to the Spanish-French border; it is a 18 hour drive from Antwerp to L’Escala and so I doubt most people want to drive much farther than the border. The city is also known for the Greek ruins of the Empúries and it’s scuba diving. Sounds relaxing right?

First we hit pretty terrible traffic in hour 10 of our 18 hour road trip to our destination. The water pump at the house we were renting broke, so there was no way to take a shower or make coffee for a day. Fortunately the family was split up among two houses, so we had access to water, but it’s important to note that it was my house that had the broken water pump. And finally, we were the victims of petty theft as someone broke into the house we were staying in and took the cash from every wallet he could find.

Walking to the other house

None of this of course was directly my fault, but one could interpret the set of events as an indication that my travel luck as gone seriously sour, since I can’t even prevent travel mishaps! It seems that the month of August continues not to be my month. I suppose really should have given that ice cream sacrifice to the August Gods before I left for vacation.

The Mr. and I on our walk through the city

Though I should mention that overall the vacation was very nice. I basked in the warm Spanish sun as I read and participated in water fights with my niece and brother-in-law to cool off. The old quarter of the city is very charming to walk around at night. There’s a lovely little path along the sea that provides a spectacular view of the coastline and the bays of the city. It’s definitely a vacation destination and can get quite crowded with fellow tourists from all over, but it still manages to retain a lot of old world charm.

Travel Tips

L’Antiquari Restaurant


A charming restaurant that over looks the ocean. The food is delicious. There was not one complaint from the 12 adults at the table. The salad with the ham of duck, roasted asparagus, mushroom, foie gras, and raspberry vinaigrette as well as the stuffed eggplant come highly recommended from Mr. and Mrs. Isinvar.

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