Get to Know Me

I am a twenty-something American newlywed, originally from the midwest, who just recently moved to Antwerp to live with my Belgian husband.  While he has lived in and loved Antwerp all his life, I am still learning the lay of the land and discovering all that this city and country have to offer. I am excited to share the adventures of adjusting to an expat life  and my explorations of Antwerp and Belgium. The stories I share are just an extension of my daily encounters, these include but are not limited to:  struggles with metric conversion (31°C will never sound warm to a Midwest girl), entertaining language mixups, and grocery shopping woes (what no peanut butter?).

Photo credit: Kelly Gillespie – Looking Glass Photography


6 thoughts on “Get to Know Me

  1. wow, it’s a big step from USA to Antwerp! Congratulations for your wedding and I wish you to find inspiration for your blog.
    I didn’t know there is no peanut butter in Belgium. Did you manage to find eventually? maybe try bigger supermarkets like Cora or Carrefour? 🙂

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