Why Learning a Language Makes You Feel Like a Toddler

Learning a new language as an adult is what I imagine it’s like to be a toddler. You can understand most everything that is going on around you, but you personally don’t have the language capabilities to communicate everything you want or think. Suddenly you understand part of the reason that they throw tantrums all the time.

And then you decide to learn Dutch, where single letters make the difference between life and death and context can change everything. From what story is Rabbit Filip a character?  What do you mean he was ashes about his test score? Was there a fire?  It’s enough to make any head spin and sometimes I want to throw a tantrum because I can’t remember how to say something or I use the wrong word.

Since I’ve already shared a few of the words in Dutch that I find amusing, I thought I’d share the other side of that coin, words I find difficult. Below is just a short list of a few of the words that I have come across my time in Belgium that I constantly mix up.

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7 thoughts on “Why Learning a Language Makes You Feel Like a Toddler

  1. I love the Konijn-Koning thing. Napoleon’s brother (I believe his name was Leopold) was once king of the Netherlands. He tried really hard to learn the language and was going to say “I am king of the Netherlands”, however, due to his French heritage it sounded more like ‘Konijn’ than like ‘Koning’ Making it seem like he thought of himself as a Dutch bunny

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